OPS should invest in solar panels, avoid budget cuts


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Omaha Public Schools (OPS), the largest school district in Nebraska, is not fulfilling contracts of former teachers. Around 20 years ago, OPS messed up 通过 investing in the wrong things that ended up biting them in the rear.

They went from being short $138 million in 2007 to short $771 million a decade later. The district owes this money as pension to previous teachers. In 2016, they took some benefits away from future teachers to fix the mess that left former educators with no pension.

Solar energy is the cheapest energy source in the world. It’s cost effective and millions of Americans use it as a renewable resource. OPS should get on board as solar panels provide electricity 24/7 even with no sun.

Installing solar panels would not only save money, but it would also reduce the emission that is wasted every day.

Since the average American’s carbon footprint exceeds 20 tonnes (metric ton) and the US is the second largest electricity consuming country, installing solar panels would also help keep the Earth more sustainable.

Installing solar panels is economical. Don Preister, Bellevue City Council member, has 28 panels installed in his backyard, so he doesn’t have to pay any electricity bills and has a zero-carbon footprint.